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Why Empowering the Blind?

The mission of empowering the blind is to empower the visually impaired entrepreneur to do her or his best with the tools available. Part of being a successful Business individual is networking with people who are like-minded, that can help get jobs done. Learn more about how empowering the blind was born and how it has been shaped into what it is now. Make today the best day of your life, and always remember to do it again tomorrow.



why empowering the blind.


What about empowering the blind now


What is going to happen with Empowering the Blind now, and how will content be shared and the site used in the future?


Empowering The Blind is still a site to allow me the ability to assist you the blind individual how to create an income from home. Often, if I post guides on platforms, or I provide step by step directions, on this site it will be presented from a blindness perspective. those of you who have been following me however, also know I have the your own pay, blog and podcast. This site will primarily be for maintaining directions from a general point of view. If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to use the contact form found on either site.


Navigating the Empowering the Blind page


How to navigate the empowering the blind site?


You may notice that at the top of some pages now, a play button will appear. When you press this button, a video explaining how to interact with that page, or what information is found on that page. If you want to quickly close the video, simply tap escape in the top left corner of your keyboard.


Navigate around, and enjoy!


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