About Empowering The Blind

What is empowering the blind?

A site to empower everyone to work from home. Why the name Empowering the blind? Because, I Michael Babcock am completely blind and have been since birth. In December 2012, I started the site Empowering The Blind, to empower the blind to work from home. However, I wanted to expand this to touch everyone online. It is completely possible to make money online, and not to get scammed, and I’m going to show you how this is possible threw out this site…

What can be learned?

The my own pay project was started in July 2013 to show people how by trying fortune 500 companies products and services, without a website, and with no startup or monthly costs, you can get paid via PayPal, or even get a check in the mail. Check it out, by reading more about the my own pay project here.

Empowering the blind was originally started on the Empower Network platform, and I have made money with the Empower Network. Due to personal beliefs, extensive testing, and a 10 minute video that you can view me ranting about lack of accessibility in, I have chosen to not use the Empower network. Some may say that this is not a smart choice, however as I stated in one of my follow-up videos of which you can get to buy finding me on you tube, I can’t find it in my heart to market a product that I can’t use. However one of the systems I’d like to show you is the20 minute payday system, that per motes three programs, Empower Network, Pure leverage, and Dot Com Secrets X. If you want to advertise one program, and have three commission checks, you should check it out… Note, I only make money off DCSX as of November 2013; I’m not advertising any of the other business, but there’s a great workshop you can get access to just by visiting the link above… You don’t have to buy anything, check it out, and hey it’s a new system for you to use if you ever join any or all three of these programs.
click here to view my empower network blog, opens in a new window. At this time, content will stay on empower network and not be moved to this site, simply so no one can say i’m using someone elses content on this site… I don’t remember how content rights work when your taking your own content off a blog that you didn’t own… Hmmm, maybe another reason why I left empower network, on my own blog, no one can shut me down… I’ll be showing you the reader how to set your own blog up soon as well, in a matter of a minute… For $5 a month two! ! !
But you can get access to everything I’ve done over there at the above link, and have access to all of the content that is hear…